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What happened to Opacho in flowers? Like why didn’t Yoh and Anna take her in like Redseb and Seyram.

I’m really distraught that I don’t know anything about Opacho in flowers.

I’m pretty sure she stayed in the GS with Hao. She did say she’d stay with him and “be one of his stars”. Whether or not she’d look older or still look five in SKF I couldn’t tall ya. I know you can change your appearance apparently in Hell and whatnot (which was what Pascal told Chocolove, right?) to what you imagine yourself wearing or whatever. But I don’t know if she’d want to look older or the same. But I’m sure she’s somewhere in the GS. =o

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Shaman King, Volume 7 Chapter 60

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#Yoh #Ren
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characters that are incredibly loyal [pained noises] characters that are incredibly loyal to the point that that loyalty leads to their downfall [pained noises increase in volume and amount]


I’m having intense Redseb feels lately

Send help

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"The stars have appeared."

1000th post dedicated to Hao.

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This is actually my favourite face of Yoh’s, he looks so cute!

Shaman King, Volume 1 Chapter 1

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Shaman King, Volume 6 Chapter 45

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