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Anybody who wants to say Nichrome is so rude for “beating up Ren” can fight me in a cool way. They can be Ren. I can be Magna. Then we’ll see who really beat on Ren.

First of all, Nichrome was not fighting back properly at all until Ren told him to and told him why. Ren wanted that, and he was glad it happened. Secondly, this was a plant battle. Every Official had to fight. Yes, even the ones who didn’t want to. Faust died fighting Radim and nobody gives Radim shit for it? Magna beat the fuck out of Ren while yelling at how much of a disgrace he is and how selfish and spoiled he is, leaving cuts and blood all over him, and nobody complains about that? Bron did a one hit kill on Ren and nobody ever bitched about that or Bron? In fact, Bron even just killed Horohoro for the hell of it then laughed hysterically. Nobody said anything about that though. Yet Nichrome’s the bad guy here for fighting Ren and even prior to that holding back and being the one to get the hell beaten out of him by Ren?

This is why I hate Nichrome haters. Every single time I see hate on him or hear about it from someone who saw it, it’s always pathetic and invalid reasoning. It’s even worse when people are like, “Awwww, poor Ren”, just after he made a bloody mess out of a child. I know it’s not all Ren fans by any means, but fuck it pisses me off when people completely disregard everything Ren does and think he’s so perfect, then hate on Nichrome. I can’t stand how people make Ren out to be the victim and just see Nichrome as some mindless hater. He’s fucking nine, and his fucking brother was murdered by this guy. Then he ended up in the care of Magna of all people.

I don’t care if you like Ren and don’t like Nichrome. But when you hate on Nichrome and pity Ren and give all these ridiculous points that aren’t even accurate, all it is is useless character hate. And trust me, I’ve seen plenty of tagged hate.

"You just defend Nichrome because you love him so much!" Yeah, and I know when someone does something wrong and I can admit that. I don’t say Hao is without fault, and he’s my favorite character in general. I also don’t say Nichrome is without fault, but that doesn’t make him worth hating. Every character has their faults, and plenty of characters have a lot more than he does. It’s just that it’s always the same old bullshit when people bitch about Nichrome, and it’s not even correct. If you’re going to pity Ren that much for his fight with Nichrome, you obviously don’t even understand Ren, because that’s exactly what he wanted.

And this is why I do not get along with people who don’t like Nichrome. This is why I always get angry when people hate on him (and usually fucking tag it). It’s always faulty reasoning, and it’s always just people pitying Ren. I know plenty of Ren fans who do not blame Nichrome at all, so it is most definitely not all Ren fans, but it certainly is Ren fans in general that are the ones who hate Nichrome and don’t even understand the relationship between them. I like Ren just fine, and I don’t go off hating him because, “Awww, poor Nichrome, how dare Ren do that to you; he’s such an ass”. I have other reasons to like him, and reasons to get angry at his actions. That doesn’t mean I hate him for doing one thing.

Wow. Seriously.

I’ve reached the point where I actually now recognize the fodder Patch Tribe members from early on in the manga.

I was just casually scrolling through Mentalite scans and clicking around at random and of course my instincts drag me over to the page with all the Patch in order of their Plants.

Then I realize out of all the scenes for each character Takei could’ve used for everyone, he goes and made Namari’s and Thalim’s each the one where they shared their only panel together.

takei please just

skyvikingsandbloodyshamans replied to your post: “Happy reminder that Magna wears yellow face paint on half his face.”:

So when doing face paint you have careful ni and all intricate designs for the others and then Magna is WHY YES JUST SLAB PAINT ALL OVER MY FACE, JUST DO IT, JUS TD O ITT

I fucking like this reply.

Happy reminder that Magna wears yellow face paint on half his face.

tyrianpirate said: am i a bad person for laughing at this?

No, see, I laughed too. I just made the connection too late/after I said it and then I was like nO BILL NO.

taotastic said: *insert shopped Kill Bill poster here*

That’s exactly what I thought of and it was Peyote on the poster in my mind.

I was talking to Kavon about how Peyote killed Bill, then I remembered there’s a movie called Kill Bill and I got very sad.