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I love FoaS's passion for the Patch~


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Thank you! ^3^ They’re so precious to me with all their immensely different characters. Even the ones I’m not fond of I still want to know more about, until I know all of them perfectly. It’s a bit hard when Takei doesn’t give them enough spotlight as individuals (Thalim and Namari showed up so incredibly late that they didn’t even have time for character development). If me having to write a crap ton of drabbles/fics for them is what it takes to see that, I’ll do that. ;v;

Patch Tribe Appreciation Post 11/13 - C h r o m e

"You should test the powers of the opponent a bit more.
Otherwise your way of fighting will turn against you."

"As you were told, you have laid an attack on me.
You have passed."


good morning everyone i am here with


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SFW Commissions I did in June

Commissions Here

someone reblogged my post saying they don’t pay any attention to patch officials

do you all know how much that hurts me

me and this person are goNNA GO

In other not really worldly news, FoaS was semi-productive so far today and hopes to continue doing so as she further advances in typing the second chapter of her year old SK fic that she basically completely planned out and just never fucking bothered to type. Fanfic 1 in progress. Fanfic 1 of currently 7 planned. Or rather, seven planned that I actually remember planning because I planned too many and literally don’t remember half the plans I had anymore because I forgot to write said thoughts down.

In additional news, if you don’t like the Patch and/or don’t pay any attention to them, you’re going to get very, very lost on my blog and probably get bored quickly. In fact, that’s why my blog description and subtitle are important.

In further news in which you are probably rolling your eyes by now, if anyone has requests for Patch drabbles, I will write almost anything for them.

In final news for the day or at least this post, if anyone knows any good people who do commissions, please direct me to them! D: Half the people I ask for commissions don’t reply to me for ages or at all, and I don’t know where to contact most commissioners. Also, by “good”, I mean people who actually get back to you when you request something, work out prices with you, work out detail with you, and actually give a shit about they draw for their customers seeing as we’re paying for their art. Sadly, I have yet to come across many people like that.


Why is that important?

Well. I could tell you the story of the day and the ones that followed.

Patch Officials + Tumblr Text Posts

Didn’t actually mean to have Chrome and Nichrome’s go that well together and one after the other text post-wise. I just put the whole group in the usual order. >.>; Not that Nichrome is fifteen anyway, but sometimes I like to ignore Takei.

Trying to find caps for Chrome that fit a 150x150 square and have no dialogue bubbles in the way is re a l ly fu ck ing diff icu lt.

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