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I came home to this…


Sketch of Hao from SKR2

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So fabulous even a blind man can see it.


I found this while cleaning up my art folder.  Practicing colouring images with photoshop and the keypad.

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Shaman King Remix Vol 13 cover

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So Kavon reminded me about the 30 Day Challenge I never even finished… and while I am thinking about resuming it, I might post a summary of my old answers because they’re very old and were half-assed, to be perfectly honest. Some answers have also slightly changed. Obviously day one isn’t going to change at all, and three is still the same, though three was also half-assed and may need to be updated. I’ll probably start the thing over, especially since I’ve been a shit ton more involved with the series since then.

I only had six days done, so starting over isn’t as much of a pain as it could’ve been. This one I’m not changing or doing anything new with because it can’t change. I mean, I could add to it probably, but… what’s there really to add? Unless I’m going back in time which I strongly don’t want to do, that answer is set in stone. So if anything, I’ll start over on day two and leave one alone.

Reminder that Faust is the original reason I got into Shaman King when I did. I felt bad for the little midget kid and the guy flipping shit to save him, but… wow, this asshole is cool. And pretty. Oh, elementary school days. That viewpoint only got worse when Hao came around.

I liked pretty guys. I still like pretty guys. That fact just happened to amplify over the years and exploded when I got too deeply involved with the Patch Tribe…


color exercise #2

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anna-okami replied to your post: “Awww mah gerd. I come home to find out I made it to 200 followers. …”:

~ you forgot to remind your new followers to prepare boxes of tissue for when you post your fics *goes to prepare mine* *mentally reminds myself to not read sad fics in public*

Eh, I don’t think it would affect people too much if they’re not attached to the characters. I do write a lot of angst, but if they don’t emotionally care for the characters, I don’t think most people would be sad over it. I know some people who would be sad over it anyway just because of the angst and whatnot, but I do kind of understand the viewpoint of not caring too much when you don’t know the character enough.


Awww mah gerd. I come home to find out I made it to 200 followers.

Thank you all for putting up with my endless Patch ranting and thank you to everyone who has sent the legenedarywarriors-sk blog kind comments about me (and my obnoxious Patch obsession). I can’t do much besides editing mangacaps and writing, reblogging aside, so thank you all for staying with me despite that I can’t do anything particularly special. My specialty lies in making people understand the Patch more and making them more well liked. ;o;

In such news, I do have my last Patch appreciation post in drafts (which I’ll make a masterpost for and have all their posts linked on it once the last one is up), and I do plan to continue my writings for each of the Officials (still possibly minus Rutherfor). Beyond that, I have fanfictions I’ll be writing (generally with them as main characters), and other than that I’ll be just posting Patch edits here and there. Those things aside, REBLOGS. I do keep going into tags and onto some blogs to get as much SK content as possible. I love this blog and don’t like not being able to post anything, so I do prefer keeping the blog updated to at least one post a day, though that’s not always possible when I run out of reblogs (which sadly at the moment, I am, but I’ll be going through tags again soon).

I hope you all stick around and thank you for being here. ^3^

-Fills your dashboards and brains with Patch-

On a side note, also, thank you to anyone still following my RP blogs (and everyone else’s!) despite the lack of activity; especially with my Hao blog. Those blogs are not inactive and I still have them logged in constantly. For anyone who appreciates my writing enough to follow those blogs, thank you also! I have no plans to stop writing for them, so despite the lack of activity I will still be writing on those blogs. Things are settling down a bit for me for now, so hopefully I get to write more.